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This article is part of the series: HAARP and the Sky Heaters
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The evil scientists at DARPA [1] are constantly busy designing fascinating new ways to kill people, and their latest efforts may shock you (no pun intended).  Lighting strikes create ELF waves which are Extremely Low Frequency energy waves, like the bass that you feel coming from a sub-woofer.

Typical radio signals will not penetrate our oceans, however Extremely Low Frequency (ELF waves) will.  The United States of America previously relied on its ELF transmitters at Clam Lake, Wisconsin and Republic, Michigan (Project ELF, Project Seafarer, and Project Sanguine) to send powerful radio signals to reach submarines deep in the ocean.  These transmitters used cables suspended on telephone poles, which were several miles long, and 2.6 million watts to produce a 76 Hz (45 Hz alternate) signal that could be heard over half of the Earth’s surface.

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