Anonymous Operation Bilderberg – Phase 1 – YouTube

Anonymous Operation Bilderberg – Phase 1 – YouTube.

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Greetings, people of the world, We Are Anonymous…
It has been a long time since justice was served for the people. We have endured an oppressive Debt based Fractional Reserve banking system which was plotted out in ultimate secrecy by robber barons who have hijacked the world economies and political systems for their own greed and ruthless lust for ultimate power.
Many of these robber barons are intimately connected and/or part of the Bilderberg Group. A secret club (until now) of the world’s «power obssessives» who have been meeting for years to plot world economic and political policy in secrecy. Only in recent years has the existence of these meetings been thrust into the public limelight. This secrecy must stop.

It is time to rise in action against such treason for «all that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good people do nothing» ~ Edmund Burke
One flick of a cascading domino will bring their pyramid crashing down.
For a long time we bided our time with this Operation people weren’t ready. Times are changing and this we believe is the perfect time of human consciousness to launch this Operation. This means, Bilderberger’s we have been watching you like you have been watching us. We have intentionally taken our time launching this Operation. Preparation is everything.
Phase one is upon us! Anons, and those alike we ask for your support in this vital Operation please join the event on facebook: commencing Friday 17th August 8pm GMT through August 31st 12 Midnight GMT.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We dont forgive
We do not forget
Expect Justice!


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